Birrificio Matildico: italian craft beer
Friends from Birrificio Matildico, a startup craft beer brewery, asked me to help them with the brand identity and promotional materials for the launch of the company: corporate identity, coasters, website, beer stand, etc.
It was great working with Stefano, Simone, Roberto and the other guys from Birrificio, to feel their enthusiasm and their positive energy (and drink some good beer too! ). 
Brewery logo is an adaptation of the existing logo of The Lands of Matilde di Canossa, a local consortium.
Matilde di Canossa
After first visual research about the teritory, local products and local identity of the Lands of Matilde of Canossa I came out with series of landscape illustrations depicting hills with castels of Matilde in the background and some typical local activity in the foreground. I wanted to give some retro vintage look to it, in order to keep it all less graphical and more warm and natural. The current Lomo/Instagram trend came to my mind. Illustrations are "loopable" as their left and right sides are continuous, in this way it is possibile to combine different illustrations horizontally and obtain a wide single landscape. 
Walk in the woods and mashroom picking with Castello di Carpineti in the background.
Classic cars challenge with Pietra di Bismantova in the background.
Tiles-like illustration works well for coasters as they can be put in a sequence in order to create a continuous landscape.
Continuous landscape can be adapted to any width, like this wide banner around the bar.
Illustrations were also used as part of the other brand elements, such as visit cards or the van decoration.
Website was made using freshcreator
Project details
Client: Birrificio Matildico
Graphic and web design: Harun Alikadic
Year: 2012