Cactusinhabitat - a database and website of cacti
Cactusinhabitat is a research project documenting cacti plants in their natural habitat. It is completely self funded and driven by passion and love for the nature of Giovanna Anceschi and Alberto Magli, two fantastic persons who traveled in the Americas and studied hundreds of cacti species.

I was amazed, back in 2009, when I had an occasion to see a sample of the research material and photographs of these stunning plants and their habitats. They wanted to publish their research, so I advised them to take the advantage of the web and publish digitally. Even if Giovanna had long professional experience in traditional publishing, they actually wanted to avoid the printed media, mostly because their project was dynamic - every year they organize a new expedition, so the data needs to be continually updated with new species and surveys. Printing and distributing a new book every year or two would imply enormous costs. I have custom designed for them an online database with management system, a website and a downloadable digital booklet. I advised them with some tools and tips for the online promotion. 
Homepage with a carousel gallery, showcasing some featured species
Genera and species tree navigation
Species index page
Survey gallery with photo specific data
Booklet publication page with downloadable PDF. All pages are kept with minimalistic design.
Printed booklets contain no photographs, just plain text and some data charts.
Project credits and details

Commissioned by: Cactusinhabitat
Year: 2009-present
Design: Harun Alikadic
Information architecture: Harun Alikadic
Front-end development: Harun Alikadic, Dumitru Ceban, Giulio Benassi
Back-end development: Dumitru Ceban

Alberto & Giovanna in habitat