Colors magazine #56 Violence - Minisite

This was my third mini web presentation for the paper magazine Colors. This time it's a "Violence" issue. 
As I was quite a fan of Quake 3 video game (and still I am), we choose to use it's "interface", weapons, sounds and transform it to the navigation system, to explore the real world's violence stories from this Colors issue. 
I have designed the interactive navigation and programmed the mini website in Flash AS2. Shoote your way through the story, press shift for additional blood effects.
Project credits and details
Commissioned by: Colors magazine (Fabrica, Benetton)
Direction: Andy Cameron
Design and concept: Harun Alikadic
Programming Flash AS2: Harun Alikadic, Antonio Stilo
Graphic design: Tom Jennings, Angela Lidderdale
Year: 2003

When a bazooka bomb lands on the page the browser window starts shaking.
User submitted "shooting graffitti".
Credits page
Before publishing the website we put a fake police page as the root index of the colorsmagazine webasite. It claimed that the website was seized by police unit for information and comunication crimes due to eccessive violence present on it.