Data Analytics and Visualisation
Some samples of my experience working with data analysis, visualisation and storytelling. Main focus is on data analysis for digital products, analysing user flows like checkout funnels, conversion rates and overall usage statistics. Visualisation helps at communicating data and findings to larger audience consisting of stakeholders, clients and team. I use Google Analytics, Google Spreadsheet and Excel for analysis, for data scraping, HeapAnalytics for UI testing, Optimizely for AB testing, HTML2SVG for exporting web charts into Illustrator and Keynote, GoogleSlides for collaborative presentations. I do not have experience with statistical analysis (using R or Matlab). 
Website performance analysis
I was confronted with poor web product performance data. So I decided to dig deep, confront years of historical data mixed with study of the user flows and some AB testing in order to identify the problem. I was able to identify the real problem, different from the initial hypothesis. I presented this data in the visual form of charts and conversion rates. Client was really satisfied with the simple yet convincing explanation of a complex problem and analysis.
Conversion funnel analysis
For TravelMesh, a web ecommerce product, I was asked to identify major checkout funnel abandonments, identify the problem and propose the solution. My insights and solutions helped the product gain +33% in conversion rates and tens of thousands of euro in profit for its clients.
Business plan visualisation
Pitching to Investors a Business Plan is always a difficult and risky task. Simplifying complex tables filled with numbers and visualising key concepts and milestones helps to keep the attention and communicate the key points.
Mobile App dashboards and data visualisation
For the consumer mobile app I have designed few data visualisation screens. Statistics and geo-spacial data charts.
Data storytelling
Bologna City asked me to helped them with a campaign related to the issue of public and private education financing. The target bas was very wide so I used simple charts and graphics to visualise key data and help with storytelling.