Coding an Interactive eCard for Foscarini
Programming and Interaction Design for Foscarini, an Italian manufacturer of interior and design lighting products. The original concept and graphic design considered Flash as the platform. But, as we studied the potential target group it came out that we could not ignore iPad users, which were not able to see apps in Flash. 
The alternative option was to make the app in HTML5, but, the problem was that the 20% of users, those using Internet Explorer browsers, would not able to see correctly web apps in HTML5. At the end, we were forced to use double technology - Flash and HTML5 - with the automatic detection and redirecting for iPad users. I have programmed the Flash version and worked with Dumitru Ceban on programming for iPad with some, back than in 2010, innovative web technologies: HTML5/CSS3/JSON.

HTML5 web interactive app for iPad
Flash AS2 version of the interactive web app