a website builder and booking engine for small independent accommodation services
I have co-launched a startup company freshcreator in 2010, backed up by GH Group. The web software (SaaS) is a completely internally designed, developed and promoted online product, specifically, a website builder with an online booking engine for small accommodation service providers.
User interface design
It was a great challenge to design this interactive interface in order to let a not technical savvy user to edit the content and visual aspects of their hotel's website and manage online bookings.
We took advantage of then uprising technologies like JSON/CSS3/HTML5 in order to create the best, but yet the most simple, "on-site" editing content manager. The idea was to avoid the classic CMS with different interfaces for back-end and front-end users.

It is used since 2010 by more than 10.000 users in more than 100 countries.
Extremely simple and easy, users can create and manage their website, with no need for training.
The website builder is intuitive and usable. It also offers contextual help, video tutorials and chat with the support team.
Visual CSS editor for the graphic website template.
Room booking system
Another great challenge was to create a simple small hotel booking manager with e-commerce that would integrate with the website builder, some sort of plug-in. It had to be simple for the back-end user, a hotel manager, to update the room availability on a daily basis. Designing flexible and customizable room options selector required lots of information architecture study, prototyping and user testingOn the end-user side, it was a great challenge to design a quick booking procedure, which will have high conversion rates.
freshcreator back-end booking calendar.
freshcreator front-end room booking process.
Promotional "how-to" video created by Ries Straver
Project details
CEO: Stefano Ceci
Operations management: Harun Alikadic
UX/UI design: Harun Alikadic
Programming: Dumitru Ceban, Beniamino Faggian, Giulio Benassi, Adit Saxena
Marketing: Tiziano Braglia, Giulio Benassi, Harun Alikadic
Sales&Support: Valentina Bertoli, Fabio Lanza, Erika Vitali
Year: 2010-Present