Salewa is the specialist leader for mountain sporting goods. Founded in 1935 in Munich, Germany, the company was took over in 1990 by Oberalp group based in Bolzano, Italy. Salewa commissioned to me design of their first official brand mobile app.
When I joined the team there were already some rough ideas. My job was to get around the company’s marketing point of view and to create something useful for the consumer, in the first place for mountaineers and outdoor athletes. Being an active trail runner and mountain-bike rider myself, I have already used some of the apps the team had appointed as “competitor” apps.
I’ve conducted research, user persona profiling, user interviews, focus groups and remote user testing. I have designed and delivered a 100+ screen wireframe prototype, created a visual guideline documentation, designed final visual high detailed screens, designed custom navigation icons. Main features: track your activity in the mountain, set your goals, challenge members of the community, measure the altitude difference and vertical speed, emergency alert in case of need, get vouchers for retail stores, weather bulletins, avalanche map.
Team mostly worked remotely, scheduling meetings on InvisionApp Liveshare for live interactive prototype discussion and commenting, Google Drive and Docs for assets sharing and collaborative document editing, Asana for team and project management, Illustrator and Adobe XD for wireframing and visual design.

Early stage research document focusing on the target user and industry profiling

Defining user personas by conducting desktop research, interviews and questionnaires

Before taking any design decisions I start with mapping the content, use cases and competitor benchmarking.

Lots of early stage collaborative paper wireframing and testing.

Fine tuned wireframes were used for usability testing

A total of 110 screens were wireframe designed, including modal windows, notifications and interaction states.

Adapting an existing brand color guide to the digital and a mobile apps environment.

Main visual elements, typography and color usage.

Year: 2016
Client: Salewa, Oberalp Group
Role: Consultant Interaction Designer
Responsibilities: Research, Design, User Testing
Design Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, InvisionApp, Adobe XD
Research Tools: LookBack, Typeform, Google Suite