Monkeys that count

Try to beat real chimpanzee in this game

Monkeys that count
Exhibit Game - Player vs Monkey
Science and art come together in this interactive exhibition - The Naked Ape: Natural History of Humanity - at the Tridentine Museum of Natural Sciences in Trento (later renamed in MUSE). A spectacular show to live with all senses thanks to the setup animated by sounds and interactive installations, very rich in terms of graphic media and educational material. Exhibition took place in Trento and Udine between 2007 and 2008.
Monkeys that count
Multimedia game made possible thanks to the materials and research conducted by the Primate Research institute, Kyoto University. The Institute is the home of the chimpanzee Ai, the star of this exhibit.
Born in West Africa, since her arrival in Japan, Ai has learned various language skills. In a study of numerical skills in 2005, Ai has been the only chimpanzee which was able to successfully include the zero in the tasks of numbering.
The exhibit game is an exact replica of the test application that Ai used at the institute, as can be seen in various videos in the game. It was recreated by the programmer and interaction designer Harun Alikadic for the exhibition purpose.
Game dynamics
Try to play three different games and check your results against chimpanzee Ai and see if you can beat her.