World Nordic Ski Championship Fiemme 2013
Mobile App Icon/Logo
Vivi Fiemme, an app developed in order to create a one-stop shop for all tourists and fans that will visit Val di Fiemme during the World Championships (50+ nations, 700+ athletes, 250.000 tickets, 20.000 app downloads).
Final logo an icon for mobile App ViviFiemme 2013
Brief, material and challenge
Client provided me with current and past official promotional and identity material of the Fiemme Valley. They even sketched some ideas related to that identity. The challenge was to identify the best way to balance between the outdated, not coordinated identity and a mobile app's current design we were working on in parallel. Generally, the app identity had to fit a modern standards to which the app's target user base is used to.
Sketches and ideas
First approach was to find an alternative idea to put against the proposed name "Vivi", in order to make them fight one against another. I use this method in the ideation step of any design process. 
The FIS World Cup is an international sport event, so the alternative name should contrast an italian and a non-sport term such as "Vivi" (Live). So, I identified a cross-sport cheer term "Go", which could work pretty fine, such as in "Go Fiemme".
Main idea: sketches
Alternative idea: sketches
Final logo development
Even if the "Go" version is shorter, international and more original, client had to stick with the first proposal as "Vivi" was already part of an ongoing campaign related to the tourism and destination promotion.
So, I developed further versions of the logo and tested it with a selected user group through a mobile prototype. Logo was used for the mobile app icon and navigation. It was presented on web, printed on flyers and banners.
Final logo and icon
Icon for mobile application and use of the logo within the app
Use of the logo in printed material
Harun Alikadic Art Direction, Design
Work done while working as a freelance consultant.