writing docu-fiction, pseudo-journals and quasi-auto-biographies for pure joy of writing (in different languages)
I love to write, I always had. I just do not dedicate enough time to do so. But sometimes I do. Here are few things I have published on my Medium publication.
Igor, un po’ di geografia europea umida e dimenticata
Collaborative docufiction writing with Andrea Gressani, inspired by the news events and the months long hunt for Igor, the multi-killer with a thousand identities
Published on ZombiePost, 2017. In Italian
Ambasada Neretva i Haićani bore se protiv zombi brana svojim čudotvornim riječnim super moćima
Semi-fictional report from the annual Ambasada Neretva event as part of the Blue Heart of Europe campaign promoted by Patagonia and published originally on the campaign website (expired).
Published on ZombiePost, 2018. In Bosnian
Conversation with a terrorist
Pseudo auto biographic interview with my alter ego that starts like this: "I am face to face with this guy who, according to his words, has the task of exploding somewhere."
Published on ZombiePost, 2018, In Italian