About Harun Alikadic
140 char bio
I am an interaction, graphics and digital product designer. Love to create simple user interfaces that are easy and pleasurable to use.
Fast biography
Born and raised in Sarajevo. Crazy about the visual arts and coding since childhood. During the war I fought with the art and printing. Studied in Italy where I live ever since. More than 15 years of professional experience in the interaction and visual design. Love nature, rafting and mountain biking. Proud dad of a beautiful girl. We hike together.
I am currently a design and usability consultant, working directly with clients. Partnering with software agencies and freelance developers for the build part. Do not code myself anymore except for the occasional purposes of prototyping (HTML/JS, Framer). I’m also working on few research/startup web and mobile projects in the fields of citizen journalism, gamification, augmented/virtual reality and internet of things.
In more than 15 years of professional experience I have worked with advertising agencies, the public sector, done consulting for high profile brands, designed for a wide range of international clients, helped startups with branding and design, started up my own businesses. 
In 2014 I’ve concepted and designed an innovative meta-search and online booking engine TravelMesh, where I worked as a lead designer and information architect.
Designed the mobile application for the World Nordic Ski Championship Fiemme 2013.
Worked with the Bologna Municipality, designed  assets for the online communication and the Smart City initiative.
Co-founded FreshCreator in 2010, an award winning website builder and ecommerce platform that helped thousands of european SME to get their businesses online. It was sold recently and phased out.
Lead a team of 10 in 2009 to research and design Italy's biggest and most comprehensive government backed data platform for tourism, Osservatorio Nazionale del Turismo.
Worked as interaction designer & researcher in Fabrica, a Benetton’s communication research center. A collaborative gaming and virtual reality platform I have co-created, Fabrica Virtuale, was exhibited at the Centre Pompidou in Paris in 2007.
Coded several Action Script Flash video games in 2005 for clients like Benetton, Lisbon Airport, Trento Museum of Science.
according to me
-  We may design interfaces, but we cannot design the experience of using them.
-  Tools cannot save humans. Humans can use tools to help themselves.
-  I love to come up with different opposing ideas and watch them fight.
-  Simplicity is when you deliver a message to the receiver while using a minimal amount of symbols to code that message. Something like the 80/20 rule. Different than this sentence.
-  I am inspired by technology and the hacker approach. Support open-source and shared copyright.
For any enquiry, please drop me an email: harun@harun.it or use a form at the contacts page.